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Make sure you read before purchasing to avoid any potential complication! Thank you!

USD payments accepted

Do not buy if you're not serious about paying.I do not have a waitlist. I do have a pinglist, feel free to request to be put on it. Please include the comm type you would like to be pinged for.

If you have to give me a stick figure doodle to explain what you want PLEASE DO IT! I love when commissioners do this!! It helps a lot!

Nudity, ferals, furries, anthros, humanoids, taurs, android people, fan art, alternate palettesClosed species, open species, no speciesAny gender, any sexuality, couples, romantic themes, sensual themesMild cartoon blood, very mild gore...and more! Most things are fine.

Extreme fetish, hyper, hardcore gore, illegal NSFW, morally questionableDraw someone else's style or edit someone else's work without their consent.Compromise a pixel work with gradients, brushes, or filters.I will not work for exposure, for free, or underpaid commercial work. No exceptions.Definitely a big NO for Closed Species websites with "volunteer" being slapped on it instead of paying their artists commercial wages.Anything that's a lawsuit waiting to happen is a no.

I am very open to discussing game art or commercial art. Continue to the next section for more info.Friend commercial projects will no longer be reduced in price, and will be handled like any other business transaction.Please state your budget and deadline at the start of your inquiry.Private commissions hold a fee.Gore, extremely muscular, elderly, facial hairNSFW is bribe only. Anything <$100 will always be sketch quality. Please see here for examples.
I'll try my best, but I might end up having to decline gray area commissions if I think I can't do it. Sorry in advance! T T /

Terms of Service
By commissioning or purchasing products from me, by law,
you agree to all of the following once legal tender has been exchanged.

►► ARTIST ◄◄
I will not post your commissioned artwork unwatermarked or as high resolution publicly.I reserve the right up upload completed artworks, with watermarks, to my galleries and portfolios. I am willing to change this for private commissions and commercial work only, as the fees will cover the portfolio cost.I will give WIPs upon request. I will not redo the piece or do heavy edits however.My artwork heavily relies on me playing around with colors to work in harmony. I may also simplify designs at my own discretion. Please state any concerns before I begin working.I will fee for addon's, edits, private commissions, and reopening <3 month old commissions.I wont reopen orders that are over >3 months old.Complex commissions will hold a fee the more complex it becomes.Be sure to credit my Toyhou.se if uploading to it! I go by komugitsune everywhere that I post art.Do NOT heavily reference, edit, trace, or copy my artwork.If you do not agree to my ToS then you cannot commission or buy designs from me. Challenging my ToS will eventually result in a ban from all of my products.My ToS is based around copyright protection laws and freelancer laws. I WILL use my ToS to protect myself in the case you threaten me or blackmail me in attempts to scam me. Do not commission freelancers if you do not agree to to these laws or wish to try and scam artists.

►► CLIENT ◄◄
Client will NOT file a chargeback for any reason.If you'd like a refund please contact me. I won't refund if I've started. Haven't started: full refundStarted: No refundClient does not decide the amount that is refunded. This is up to the artist, based on how much time and effort has already been put into the piece.Client does not decide how much time or effort has been put into the piece.Client will only use commissioned artwork for personal use (ex: prints for your wall, charms for your bag). Prices listed are not for commercial use.Client will not claim artwork as their own. Proper credit must be given.Client will receive the full resolution artwork with no watermarks. Client will NOT receive a file containing layers (.psd, .sai, .clip, etc).Client will not ask for .psd, .sai, .clip files.Clients understands that if they are under 18 that they must have parental permission to purchase artwork or products.Clients under 18 are not permitted to purchase 18+ artworks and will not attempt to obtain them.

All commercial projects must be inquired through email. You must privately ask me for my email address.Client understands that any for-profit projects are classified as commercial projects, regardless if its a personal one.Client understands that the artist has the right to keep their already paid wages regardless if the artist quits or the client decides to lay off the artist, as this is classified as a JOB.Client interested in purchasing artwork or product for commercial use must pay the artist a commercial price rate and state their budget from the initial inquiry. Prices for commercial rates will not be listed, as they are meant to be wages offered by the hiring client.Client will state their budget and deadline at the start of their commercial project inquiry. Client agrees to pay the artist fair and proper wages for commercial works.Client must include all visual references at the start of your order as well or I will cancel, not work with you in the future, and spread the word that you are a difficult client to my fellow artists. Client will not make me wait an entire year to receive the references.Client must set their desired deadline at THE START of their inquiry. Deadline cannot legally change unless both client and artist agree, along with additional wages being included.Commercial pieces can not and will not be refunded unless I have not started.Clients buying commercial artworks understand that I have a legal right to my set commission price once I start working and that I can and will contact my attorney if threatened chargeback or blackmail by the client.
Due to health issues/private life matters I reserve the right to take as much time to finish the commission as I need. It can vary from a few weeks to a few months. If the commissioner does not feel comfortable with it, I suggest not ordering.I tend to work when I feel most motivated so that the commission is done properly and with best effort.I do not accept setting a deadline by the commissioner without a big fee. Commissioner cannot push a deadline on me later in the order.The commissioner has the right to ask about the progress of the commission whenever they wish to. The information about the progress can also be found here: my Trello to-do list.If I have taken over 1 month you are allowed to request a character change if I have not started. I reserve the right to say no to this request.You rush me, threaten me, or chargeback? You get blacklisted with a detailed description of your scam.Chargebacks will earn you a public blacklist, and a flag on Paypal.


You may resell adopts purchased from me for the original sale $ + additional commissioned art $.Ask me about traded & gifted designs if you wish to resell them. I will decide the value if the design contains personal or gifted artworks. Please include a list of artworks + the value of said art. I have the right to say no to the value of said artworks if I do not feel that they add any value to the design. I will give you a ticket for proofs that I approved the value.Purchased designs with plentiful personal / gifted arts can follow the rule above as well.You may not resell gifted designs unless you purchased additional commissioned art.Vouchers are currently allowed so long as all parties are aware that this is a three-way-trade!No under the table dealing or bloack evading or I will ban all parties involved and put out a public blacklist.Any suspicious behavior will make me less and less likely to sell designs to you in the future. It's just designs, CHILL.You may retrade and gift adopts as you please, so long as credit remains to me.Original artwork must be included when transferring the design to someone else. If you did on-base edits you must still include the original unedited version.

You may use your design for personal use as you please! Writing, RP, drawing, commissioning, and imagine are yours to play with.When uploading to Toyhou.se make sure you credit to my account.Make sure you watermark the adopt to ensure its not stolen.Commercial and distribution rights are not granted without negotiations. I am NOT selling those rights by default. Commercial use is a case-by-case discussion and I retain the right to refuse granting you commercial use for any reason.You are free to change the markings, gender, colors, hair, wardrobe, etc as you please but please credit komugitsune for the design. Even with massive edits you must still credit me as the creator of the design.Ask me about twins. I'm flexible on this.Do not do on-base edits on my artwork without permission. I'll say yes, dw.Hiding bids and offers will grant you a temporary ban for one round of adopts the first two times. Ban length will increase by the following: to 1round, 3 rounds, 5 rounds, and permanent ban.Payment must be sent within 48 hours. I will reopen it for someone else to purchase and place a temporary ban on you for failed payment.


Closed Species inherit the same ToS as Open Species by default, along with special rules that are listed in our group ToS.Closed Species customs by me must be approved by their group and then you must come to me to let me know that it is approved! (so that I know I can upload it to my galleries)My closed species are not free for use. Do NOT make your own without a purchase MYO slot.
Closed Species by komugitsune
AspirithNimburreidOrdivirnTuviPlease contact the Northern Ruins group if you have any problems or questions regarding your design.Edits should be approved through the species group. All approvals are case-by-case and the design should still be identifiable from the original.Please refer to the group for the full ToS regarding Ordivirn and other komugitsune closed species.Please update our masterlist when trade/resell/gift designs or slots. The transaction will not be official until the masterlist is updated.